SLEEP STATION (2008) Target Audience: Adults / young adults
Sleep Station can help you fall in sleep at anytime of the day. Although your eyes
are wide open right now, you will fall in sleep soon.  Sleep Station leads you into the
sweetest sleeping world you will ever experience. It is a very unique station to provide
the ideal sleeping environments. Whenever you want to sleep, stop at Sleep Station!
Beautiful Nature program
This program is a series of documentaries that shows beautiful natures around the
world. People can hear the sounds of nature, such as the bird, stream, raining and
so on. Viewers can feel the fresh air and see the beautiful environments as they fall
in sleep. The train has arrived.  Everyone starts to board the train.
The world’s lullaby music video program
This is a collection of the world’s lullaby music video program.  As people listen to the
music, they can see the surrealistic, dream-like animation and imagine of going back
to childhood when their parents sang lullaby. Also, they will learn the different cultures
as they listen to different lullaby from various countries. 
Slow/Peaceful movies
It is a sequence of slow/peaceful movies.  One person starts yawning and his eyes
get very sleepy-looking, while other people yawn.  Next to the person, another woman
starts yawning and the slow movie starts. Not only the people at the movie theater in
the television gets sleepy, but also the viewers get sleepy.